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NuMundo : A Movement & Organization

NuMundo is envisioned as a global network of interlinked impact centers that provide consciousness transforming experiential education, where individuals can find their path and purpose.

The mission of NuMundo the organization is to facilitate the transformation of individuals and the world through an interconnected network of impact centers which:

  • Connect and inspire everyday people to new, meaningful, holistic, experiential education, travel and work-trade opportunities. We want to link aspiration to experience, and passion to purpose.

  • Support the growth and development of impact centers, by providing visibility, visitors, talent and useful tools to their projects and events.

As a progressive movement we strive to:

  • Empower and enable people to reconnect with the natural world and community through alternative and accessible work/education opportunities.

  • Facilitate the creation of regenerative communities through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Facilitate the new economic paradigm by building and actively living the change we wish to see in the world.

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