NuMundo Booking Fees

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Booking fees are 10%, and of that fee 2.9% + $.30 per transaction goes to credit card payment processing.

In the case of Stripe payouts for centers with U.S., Canadian, or Japanese bank accounts, an additional .5% of the NuMundo fee goes to Stripe for split payouts.

For all other centers, the wire transfer fee is also deducted from NuMundo’s fee for payouts above $2000. For transfers under $2000, there is a $30 wire transfer fee paid by the center.

So in reality, NuMundo receives closer to 5-6.5% of the transactions that are processed through the site.

We ask that all centers agree to charge the same amount on NuMundo as they would elsewhere. By listing a stay with us, you are legally agreeing to this policy as stated in our terms.

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