Ambassador Role

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The main purpose of the ambassador role is to be the voice and representation of NuMundo, encourage centers and people to join the movement, and highlight benefits and opportunities for them.

Our ambassadors or NuMundo pollinators perform the following tasks to contribute to the network’s growth:

  • Encourage people to sign up for the platform as a traveler. They talk to people about NuMundo, share information on social media, and place promotional material in traveler’s hubs and impact centers.

  • Look for, identify, visit, evaluate, recruit and list potential Impact Centers around the world to join our network.

  • Connect with and onboard impact centers into the network. This includes phone calls, emails and providing support to the centers in the profile creation process and listing stays. It can Include translations.

  • Blog and share stories about their own transformation story, projects they visit, and projects of their own that they’re developing. We encourage them to be active in creating and providing content for our blog.

  • Organize local NuMundo-related meetups in their area, or represent NuMundo at local and regional events, such as conferences and festivals.

  • Maintain fluid communication with the ambassador team through the Facebook group, mail, surveys and attendance to online training and periodic meetings.

  • Ambassadors are also local contacts for the Pathfinder’s program travelers and link between centers for sharing resources and knowledge.

  • Ambassadors could also connect centers to encourage them to share sustainable practices and know- how.

Every Ambassador can potentially perform all these tasks, but it will depend on their training, background, and experience as well capacity and time available to take responsibilities.

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