Adding an Experience

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Before adding your experience, make sure you have at least 7 beautiful pictures of your experience on hand. Look for high quality photos of the location, facilitators, people, activities, and food.

Please note: Experience profiles are our newest feature on the NuMundo platform. If you have any issues while adding your profile, please reach out to our team at support [at] If you would like to offer suggestions for how we could make this feature better, please add your input on our Trello board!

Steps for adding an experience:

  1. Login to your NuMundo profile.

  2. Click the drop down by your name at the top right of the page and navigate to "My Experiences"


  3. Click the "New experience" button.

  4. Fill out all the required information. Like the center profile form, we have designed the experience form so that it looks very similar to how your experience will look once it is published. Make sure to add high quality photos, a thorough written description, and as many other details as possible, as this will help to attract more users to your experience. An ideal top profile photo would be 1400px wide x 500px tall.

  5. Once you are finished, hit the "Publish" button, and your experience profile will be sent to our team for approval.

  6. Once you have published your profile, select "Return to dashboard" to add stays to your experience. This is a required part of the process, as it is what enables visitors to automatically buy tickets, book accommodation, shuttles, and other paid items related to your experience!

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