Revenue Officer

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Role Purpose: Generate revenue.“The Revenue Officer is the senior leader who is directly responsible for leading sales and marketing to increase the company’s revenue.”

Domains: Revenue generation, Business strategy, sales, customer feedback cycle


Responsibilities (Subject to change as company evolves):

  • Business Strategy & Development

    • Assist in creation of relationships in Costa Rica with Impact Centers

      • Act as a consultant to help the company prioritize high impact business goals.

      • Work with core team members to craft a business strategy that will bring financial sustainability & growth to the company.

  • Sales Strategy

    • Develop sales strategy and train sales team

      • Define sales cycle and create/map pipeline and funnel

      • Implement sales strategy and

      • Create feedback cycle and analyze/optimize leaks in funnel

  • Act as consultant in product development in regards to feature prioritization, agile product development workflows, & UX beta program creation & management.

  • Act as consultant in social media & marketing strategy while helping to prioritize traction verticals that reach larger audiences.

  • Assist in Organizational Development & Operations


This position is unpaid. Please learn more about how compensation works currently in our organization here.


We are looking for someone with great communication and interpersonal skills who feels passionate about NuMundo's mission.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to David Casey, david [at]

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