Ambassador Support Team

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To support the work of our ambassadors, there are NuMundo staff focused on developing the conditions, materials, network and perks to make the onboarding and relations with centers clear and smooth.

These are the main areas the Ambassador Support Team works on:

Communications: This role is focused on keeping the ambassador team updated regarding news, advances and needs of the NuMundo project. This role is also the link to the core team and other NuMundo core areas.

Networking Platform Development: This role is focused on the development of an online platform for the ambassador community. This platform facilitates the ambassador experience and the administration of rewards and resources.

Onboarding and Training: This role provides information regarding the NuMundo organization and ambassador’s skill development support. This role also promotes instances for ambassador networking to meet and share experiences.

Impact Center Lead development: This role promote the connections within the ambassador team, the core NuMundo team, and impact centers. This role also makes sure you have proper understanding of the impact center onboarding process and flow.

These roles are the support in the different stages of the ambassadors cycle, from the application process, onboarding and training to the action, reward and feedback.

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