Adding Stays to your Experience Profile

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  1. Login to your NuMundo profile.

  2. Click on your name at the top right hand corner

    , and you'll see a drop down menu appear. Find "My Experiences".

  3. Click the

    "Add new stay"


  4. Choose the type of stay.

    Accommodation stays are best for rooms, cabins, camping, etc.

    Miscellaneous stays are used for tickets, shuttles, tours, and other miscellaneous items.

    Work trade stays can be used for volunteer positions that you need filled in order to make sure your experience runs smoothly.

  5. Fill in the information about your stay, add a photo, set a price and write a description.

  6. Fill out all remaining fields. You may select "Enable auto-approved bookings for this stay" if you do not need to approve bookings before they are made.

  7. Add any rules, information or cancellation policies to your profile that you’d like people to see every time they book. For example, your stance on quiet hours, additional guests, smoking policy etc. You can also change how you profile appears to potential event attendees wanting to book your stays, and change your message notification settings.

  8. Add your bank account details on the "Getting Paid" page. Click "Edit" to enter your details, account number and routing number.

  9. Want to add special promotional discounts for your stays? Learn how to add discount codes here.

  10. You’re ready to go! Learn more about how to administer your bookings.

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