Getting Paid

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After you have finished adding stays to your center or experience, please make sure to add information about how you would like to be paid for bookings that come through the NuMundo platform, otherwise your stays (aside from work-trades) will not be publishable.

Options for Getting Paid

Option 1: If you have a U.S., Canadian, or Japanese bank account, Stripe allows payments to be automatically split between NuMundo and your center’s bank account. This allows you to get paid most quickly. Payments are sent 2-5 days after they are processed, on Mondays.

Option 2: For centers without U.S., Canadian, or Japanese bank accounts, we will collect your bank account info securely and send wire transfers 1x/month.

Option 3: Deposit model: Users pay 10% via credit card on checkout, which goes to NuMundo, and the other 90% is paid in cash on site. You can also contact the customer to have them pay the rest via Paypal transfer, bank transfer, or other means if you wish.

How do we process payments?

NuMundo is using the Stripe API to securely accept credit card payments. This maintains maximum security for all user payment details.

When will I receive my funds?

If you are using the Stripe payout method, then you will receive your funds 2-5 days from the date of the customer purchase. Payments are grouped together and sent once a week on Mondays.

If you are using the wire transfer method then payments are sent 1x/month.

Who can change payment settings?

Please note, that as of our 2.4.0 release in December 2017, only the Primary Manager for an impact center or experience may edit, delete, or add payment settings. The Primary Manager is the person who created the Center or Experience. If you cannot edit payments settings and need to be made the Primary Manager, please submit a support ticket and include the name of the Center or Experience, your full name, and email address and we can make that change manually for you.

Note: Secondary managers have all the same privileges as Primary managers, with the exception of adding, deleting, or editing Payment Settings.

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