Exclusive Booking Partnerships

Exclusive Booking Partnerships:

NuMundo offers Exclusive Booking Partnerships to Impact Centers who list Experiences on our booking platform and agree to complete the following:

  • Create an Experience on NuMundo's booking platform.

  • Create at least one bookable Stay and/or ticket options.

  • Completely fill out your payment settings.

  • Must agree to make NuMundo your exclusive booking partner.

  • Host your Experience on the NuMundo platform exclusively.

  • All booking and registration links on your website link to NuMundo platform.

Basic Agreement Terms:

  • We feature your center or experience on the numundo.org front page for one week.

  • 2 social media posts on Facebook per event.

  • 2 social media posts on Instagram per event.

  • 1 social media post on twitter per event.

  • NuMundo will boost the post if specially requested. We reserve the right to edit/review content. Professional images preferred.

  • Participation in our affiliate program. Our affiliate and ambassador networks will share and promote your event and receive 3.5% of each sale from you for any conversions they make.

  • Newsletter feature to targeted audience with relevant interests currently located in your geographic region. Note your experience may be featured with other experiences.

  • Featured experience in NuMundo directory (appear near top on search).

  • For international events outside USA and Canada, wire transfer payouts are free of charge for payments over $2000. For transfers under $2000, there is a $30 wire transfer fee.

Please reach out to listings@numundo.org so we can make you an offer with a reduced commission for your exclusive booking partnership on NuMundo.

Add Ons Cost Breakdown



Additional FB Post - It is recommended to spend an additional minimum of $10 per boosted post.


Instagram Post - Managing a central event budget and recording all relevant event expenses.


Blog post (we write) - This is done after the event takes place. A NuMundo ambassador or core team member must be present at the event.


Blog Post (you write, we share)


Exclusive Booking Partnership Agreement


While NuMundo will promote this event on social platforms, we are not responsible for reaching a specific amount of sales through our marketing channels. NuMundo decides when the social media posts and newsletter go out before the event.

Term and Termination

This agreement will terminate automatically upon completion of the event date, required by this letter of agreement.

Listing of Experiences:

NuMundo values your use of the NuMundo Services as a Host to make your Experiences available to our network of Visitors, and aims to provide the best and most comprehensive experience-booking services. To that end, Hosts agree, warrant and represent that they will use best efforts (i) to represent each Experience accurately and completely, and (ii) to offer Experiences at prices no higher than generally advertised or offered on other platforms, services, or media (including those owned or controlled by Host).

Acceptance of Experience Bookings:

Experiences booked through the Services are tentative and not binding unless and until the Host accepts (“Accept,”“Acceptance”) the booking. Hosts agree to review Experience bookings and to Accept (or expressly reject) each booking promptly, and in no event more than fourteen (14) days after the initial booking request. Experience bookings that are not Accepted within fourteen (14) days will be deemed void and of no further effect. Visitors acknowledge and agree that Hosts have sole discretion in whether or not to Accept any booking.

Cancellations, Adjustments & Refunds:

Visitors may cancel an Experience through the Services at any time, for any reason, subject to the refund policy set forth herein. Prior to Acceptance, Visitors may make adjustments to the booking (including, for example, the date(s) of the Experience), and by doing so, Visitors agree that the original booking will be deemed canceled, and the adjusted booking will be considered for Acceptance.

Refunds will be provided for Visitor cancellation as follows. For Prepaid Experiences, Visitors will receive a refund of the Experience Fee (less the Deposit), if a Visitor cancels such Experience prior to Acceptance. Refunds for Prepaid Experiences canceled after Acceptance are subject to the discretion of the Host and NuMundo. NuMundo will endeavor to refund any amounts due to you within thirty (30) days of cancellation.

Fees are non-refundable except as set forth herein or in the Services. If you dispute any charges, you must let NuMundo know within sixty (60) days after the date that we charge you. If NuMundo terminates your account and use of the Service because you have breached these Terms of Use, you shall not be entitled to the refund of any unused portion of fees or payments (if any). Fees for Matching Services are final and non-refundable.

Host Payment:

If you are a Host, NuMundo will endeavor to remit to you the fees described in the Services applicable to an Experience, less NuMundo’s Deposit fee (as agreed by NuMundo and Host, and further described on the Site and in the Services), within five (5) days of Host’s Acceptance of the Experience booking , subject to certain minimum wire transfer requirements described more fully below. Such fees will be paid to Host in accordance with the payment information provided by the Host to NuMundo through the Services, and Host is solely responsible for ensuring such information remains accurate and up to date. Host will be responsible for all taxes in connection with the Experiences (excluding taxes based on NuMundo’s net income). If Host disputes any payments, Host must let NuMundo know within sixty (60) days after the date that NuMundo pays you. NuMundo aims to provide the best and most comprehensive experience-booking services, and values your use of the NuMundo to make your Experiences available to our network of users.

Third Party Credit Card and Wire Payment Processors:

NuMundo uses Stripe to securely accept credit card payments from Visitors, and to remit payment directly to Hosts. By using the Services to process payment by credit card, you agree to Stripe’s checkout terms, available at https://stripe.com/us/checkout/terms , as may be updated from time to time by Stripe. In situations where Stripe does not support payment in the Host’s location or applicable currency, NuMundo may use a third party wire transfer service to remit payment to the Host in accordance with these Terms of Service. NuMundo will not initiate wire transfer to a Host unless and until Host’s account with NuMundo is credited with $2000 USD or more. Hosts may request wire transfer to be initiated for less than $2000 USD (but at least $10), provided that the fee(s) payable with respect to such wire transfer shall be deducted from Host’s account, or, if no funds remain in Host’s account as a result of the wire transfer, from the amount to be wired to Host.

Changes and Cancellations

If the event is cancelled then NuMundo has the right to reverse the charge and refund the user. The platform fee can not be refunded.

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