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(Coming soon) NuMundo Embed Widgets help you share to your center, experience, and related bookable items with the world! You can use your embed widgets on your website, or ask your center's loyal fans to share them as well.

The embed widgets link directly to your center page, experience page, or to the NuMundo checkout for your bookable items.

How to use an embed widget

Start by navigating to your "My Centers & Stays" page or "My Experiences" page in the main drop-down by your name, once you are logged in.

From here, click on "Embed center", "Embed experience", or on the embed symbol on the top right of your bookable items preview.

NOTE: If you don't see these symbols, it is because your center, experience or bookable items are not published and approved, or don't have payment settings.

Next, copy the code for your embeddable item. Then navigate to your Wordpress blog, website, or wherever else you want to embed your item, and paste the code either in the "text" or "code" section of Wordpress, or into the code of your website. You can also send your code to friends and supporters to put on their own website!

Publish or upload your new content, and your new Embed Widget will appear on your website.

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