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The Social Media Intern will work directly with NuMundo’s Marketing Director to execute digital marketing tasks and strategies to achieve the company's outreach goals, through social media execution. This role is responsible for social media content creation, curation, influencer and media outreach, and working with photographers and videographers.

Length of Term

August 2017 - August 2018, with option to continue as approved by the NuMundo Board.

A three month trial period will occur from August - October 2017. This is a time for role training and close review to ensure the intern can effectively carry out the job throughout the term length.

Estimated Hours

15-20 hours/week

Essential Functions

  • Manage and build a legendary influencer network

  • Responsible for all influencer outreach

  • Manage and build our social media presence (Instagram, FB, twitter, blog)

  • Solicit and write content for inbound marketing through NuMundo

  • Collaborate and help aid on content development to ensure content alights with NuMundo brand and vision

  • Participate in biweekly calls with Marketing Director

  • Attend monthly All-Team calls and prepare a brief report of marketing activities for these meeting

  • Help conceive and operate the social media strategy

  • Social listening to broaden and guide where and how NuMundo should be active in Social Media

  • Defining key measures to use to evaluate social media strategy effectiveness.

  • Manage editorial calendar on Asana and finalize weekly publications with team

  • Newsletter and blog management (1x month). Help source blog content, be responsible for writing newsletter content

  • Graphic design & photography experience a plus

  • Outreach to influential media outlets to get information about our platform placed in (news sites, adventure travel/eco-travel blogs), then generating content that can be posted to these places

  • Attend NuMundo Company Retreats as able (often Retreat in February in Costa Rica)

Desired Characteristics

  • Familiarity with alternative organization structures (holacracy, sociocracy, etc.)

  • Passion for alternative living, sustainability, movement building, and pioneering

  • Ability to work quickly and set time limits around productivity/priority activities

  • Degree of study or other training program in marketing

  • Flexibility for travel

  • Creative mind, friendly personality, go-getter spirit!


This position is unpaid.


Please email us at with your resume if you are interested in this position.

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