Messages and Message Notifications

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Message Inbox

In-platform messaging allows you to send and reply to messages from users of the NuMundo platform, and keep track of them all in one place in your NuMundo inbox.

All messages about bookings and any general messages from your Center or Experience profile will all appear in your message inbox. You can sort your messages using the dropdown at the top to see only messages about an individual center or experience profile.

Message Notifications

You can configure your message notifications for each center or experience profile on the My Centers & Stays page or My Experiences page under "Notification Settings".

By default, every manager for a center or experience gets an email whenever an important notification about bookings or messagings is received. You may change that by unchecking the boxes under "Recipients".

Message response rate

Your host response rate now shows on your center or experience profile (for all messages from September 2018 onwards).

It is important to respond in a timely and consistent manner to all messages when possible, otherwise users may be discouraged from messaging if your response rate is low.

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