Ambassador Skills

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There are many skills involved in this role, but the core are the following 5. You can not only display but develop these skills with the support of our staff.




Assertiveness is needed while writing the reach out mail and setting the timing for a visit or interview. You could see that persuasion is needed while presenting your suggestions about how NuMundo can benefit the project or impact center. You could also be a Community builder, helping the centers to connect with others and share the know- how.


Getting in touch with new centers and creating events requires a level of confidence. Perseverance is need when centers don’t see the benefits of an online presence or need extra time to work on it. Conviction and empowerment is what keeps you connected to the movement, to the values that NuMundo wants to cultivate.

Strategic Thinking

An ambassador needs to be able to visualize opportunities, and leads as well of being organized with the tracking of centers and phases of the onboarding process they are in.

Customer Orientation

Our centers are our customers, building a relation based onEmpathy and Trust is what we want to achieve to be able to support their projects.We have many moments in which we need to be able to assist and collaborate with centers that don't have digital skills, being a Problem Solver for instance.


You are the facilitator of the onboarding process, so centers will need your help to visualize what they need and learn about our services and actions towards it.

Other more technical skills you can practice are: Translations, video editing, interviewing, photography, copywriting- blog, digital marketing, business - project development, etc. If you'd like to get more involved by offering your skills in these area, take a look here.

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