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Upon registering at, you will be directed to your affiliate dashboard (screenshot below for reference). This will give you access to your referral reports, social media sharing tools, and more. The most important features to look out for on this dashboard are your unique affiliate code and referral link.

Your referral link is essentially the NuMundo URL with your unique affiliate code attached to the end of the web address.

This end piece of code allows us to track your referrals on the backend so it is vital to include this part when sharing pages, if you want to be rewarded for your efforts.

If you prefer to watch a video demo of the affiliate program, instead of reading this guide, check out our full video walk-through here.

Custom Affiliate Linking

We recommend customizing your affiliate code by clicking "change code" (We suggest using something simple like your name).

By default the dashboard generates the homepage link for you, so if you want to promote a specific experience using your affiliate code, you'll have to take an extra step. You can create a custom referral link by clicking "change URL" on your dashboard and inputting the desired URL.

This will generate a special link with your newly customized affiliate code built in for tracking purposes. You can do this for any link on, or just reset it to the default (homepage) for sharing purposes. Please refer to attached screenshot below for reference.

Click "Change Code" to customize your username and "Change URL" to generate custom referral links for specific landing page on

If you have any other questions at all, please contact Bobby our Ambassador Manager at bobby [at]

Thank you always for your support!

Happy affiliate linking and best of luck.

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