NuMundo Services for Centers

At NuMundo, we're passionate about creating a thriving Nu world, full of autonomous, successful impact centers like yours. But we know it's not always easy to build something beautiful from the ground up. We can help! That's why we've implemented the following offerings to support our community to grow:

As you know, it's hard work crafting a stellar Instagram post, or editing a blog that will knock our community's socks off. We do it for love, but we also need to compensate our team's time. We now charge the following rates for sponsored posts:

  • Facebook Post (@numundonow, includes $10 for boosting) - $50

  • Instagram Post (@nu_mundo) - $50

  • Twitter Post (@nu_mundo) - $10

  • Blog Post (You Write, We Edit, Curate Images, and Share across multiple platforms. Includes boosting on social media) - $150

  • Blog Post (We Write) - This is done after the event takes place. A NuMundo ambassador or core team member must be present at the event. - $100

We bring you our team's collective years of marketing experience, deep knowledge of our audience, and passion for helping each member of the NuMundo family to thrive. We're dedicated to serving our community and helping your events succeed.

Contact us at to set up your sponsored post!

Just want a sweet shoutout? Shoot us an email and we'd be happy to make an Instagram story about your center or event!

Website Assessment & Competitive Audit

Need more support as you grow your project? NuMundo knows the demographic visiting your website very well, and we want to help you be successful!

Select this service, and a member of the NuMundo team with over 20 years experience working as an internet professional will review your website.

You'll receive a custom document outlining:

  • An individual discovery process, specific to your business, that will help you refine your online goals and success measurements.

  • An assessment of your website, with specific clearly outlined areas for improvement, and tangible solutions.

  • Knowledge of successful online best practices for your websites category.

  • How you rate with your competitors and what you would need to do to provide an equal level of service.

  • Recommendations on strategy, design, tech and advertising.

  • And much more.

  • Center managers who've used this service, and make the changes we've outlined, report:

  • An increase in unique website visitors via search.

  • A more intuitive experience for their customers.

  • An increase in sales, due to a renewed focus on business priorities.

  • A more efficient change process related to their online spaces.

  • The invaluable ability to send this document to their website staff for implementation, saving time and money, because it clearly communicates what needs to be done to be more successful.

Cost: $199 - drop us a line at to get started


Executive Coaching for Impact Centers and Event Organizers

NuMundo Founder and CEO David Casey will work with you directly to apply his experience in administration, management, organization, human resources, meeting facilitation, business development, marketing, legal contracts, project initiation, entity formation, and fundraising. Deep dives in:

  • Project management. Support in setting up collaborative tools and strategies to run your organization. Production timelines, task management, delegation, using collaborative software tools, and streamlined management.

  • Project initiation and entity formation. Setting up a new entity? Support on choosing the right entity, setting up the right incentives, recruiting a founding team, and everything that goes into getting an organization off the ground from day one.

  • Fundraising and crowdfunding. Ready-made templates, strategies, technologies, hacks and formulas for success.

Event Production & Marketing

Focused on every level of event production, from concept and vision to implementation, David can support you in:

  • Recruiting, building out and managing a core production team.

  • Budget planning, production schedules and timelines.

  • International artist booking, negotiations and contracts. Plus introductions to international network of artists.

  • Sponsorship campaigns.

  • Building and managing online and offline (e.g. street team) marketing.

  • Logistics, hospitality & transport.

  • Interfacing with legal authorities.

  • Backup plans, emergencies, redundancies, security.

  • Specialized focus on retreats, conferences, festivals, or gatherings.

Cost: $100/hour (Or $450/5 hours) - Contact David at to learn more.

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