What are Impact Centers, Stays, & Experience?

What are Impact Centers, Stays & Experience?

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An impact center is a land based project that offers individual transformation and regenerative living education, and strives to leave a positive local impact.

An impact center could be an ecovillage, organic farm, yoga retreat center, or even a hostel, as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Earth Care: Their emphasis is on the whole-system sustainability and/or holistic health & well-being. (i.e. A hostel that recycles does not qualify)

  • Education: Provides retreats, workshops, courses and/or work-exchange or volunteering. (i.e. An ecolodge that only offers accommodation without educational experiences does not qualify)

  • Accommodation: Has the capacity to host individuals on-site for short or long term stays. The key is the educational engagement on the ground. (i.e. an urban community center that doesn't have capacity for hosting individuals does not qualify)

We prefer that an impact center also has 1 of the following values:

  • Commitment to preserve indigenous culture

  • Commitment to social impact on surrounding community

Typically, an impact center should fit under at least one category of center and at least one category of activity:

  • Center categories: retreat center, farm, ecovillage, intentional community, ecolodge, indigenous community, social project, ashram, nature preserve, education center

  • Activity categories: permaculture, yoga, surfing, sacred medicine, holistic health, social outreach, natural building, medicinal plants, cultural exchange, renewable energy, authentic relating, water systems, tantra, meditation, dance

What is a Stay?

A Stay is an bookable opportunity at the Impact Center. This could be:

  • accommodation

  • an event

  • a work-trade

  • miscellaneous items, like shuttles, day trips, tickets.

What is an Experience?

An experience is essentially a multiple day event. An experience could be a retreat, festival or journey, as long as it offers individual transformation and/or regenerative living education, while striving to also leave a positive local impact. Experiences on NuMundo are usually offered at Impact Centers, but that is not a requirement.

Both Impact Centers and Experiences go through an approval process to make sure that they meet our criteria. It can be helpful to browse our directory of impact centers and experiences to get a better idea of the kinds of projects that we accept.

Note: if your center offers plant medicine as one of it's primary activities, we have a strict policy that one of our core members or ambassadors must have visited your center before it can be approved. If you are listing an experience whose primary activity is plant medicine, it must be hosted at an already vetted center. If you are a plant medicine center that would like to be vetted by an ambassador, please reach out to Bobby at bobby [at] numundo.org for next steps.

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