Release Notes

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  • Bug fixes and optimizations

  • Wire payment settings forms optimizations:

    • Reorder wire payment settings forms for Japan (swap first name, last name, move bank name and branch before account number)

    • Auto select Japan in the country selection if region is Japan

    • Add info popup for Japanese Bank Name

    • Fix form population on edit

    • Add missing bank/branch name table headers in booking admin view

  • Clean up all countries object from checkout and profile editor footer

  • Optimise booking details views for travellers and centers:

    • Populate profiles in trip view as separate variable, check for host profile deletion, if deleted show a support warning

    • add user profile details to booking object

    • add booking user details (name and email) to downloadable receipt

    • fix issue when viewedNotifications would return null or undefined causing a client side javascript error

    • Limit fields in bookings views for user and center population

    • bug fixes

v2.3.8 (Update Search Directory query, Optimisations & Bug fixes) - October 16-19 2017

  • Search fixes & Performance Optimizations

    • Lean query for main search output, modify models and other parts to work with plain javascript object, remove unique and indexing from group and network fields in User/Center Schema, additional logging, add mongoose lean virtuals package

      • Improve permissions method for admin navigation display to compare truthy values from multiple groups (w/ lodash)

      • Fix issue when state was submitted as an array in checkout/booking params, clear logging

      • Update header button copy for experiences (book now), add deposit amount output in center admin detail, toggle visiblity of a button linkin to live experiences from the profile header

      • Set admin dashboard date locale translations to english

      • Update angular ui-select and typeahead packages, optimise location/related center saving and error handling, styling fixes for ui-select dropdowns, updated translation segments, add API key to geocode query

      • Fix experience virtuals for counting how many experiences are there are per center

      • Fix paid stay counter if stay has no availability set, add sortweight counter for main directory sorting, fix admin stay/center listing for misc stay with no availability

  • Bug fixes

    • Refactor admin center detail profiles queries in admin controller, optimise center manager/user queries in admin center detail, bug fixes

    • Fix map height in search directory on tall/wide screen

    • Add center slug to admin detail if defined

v2.3.4 - v.2.3.7 (Profile builder fixes, Performance Improvements, Optimisations & Bug fixes) - October 5-13 2017

  • Search fixes & Performance Optimizations

    • Limit gallery carousel output in search to 2 images + banner with Center model virtuals

    • Improve script load (load minified Angular, improved script sequence)

    • Add improved imgix image compression with auto=compress and updated sizes to center search

    • Only load recaptcha is not logged in

    • Reduce first load center amount in search to 6

    Japan Region

    • Add specific fields for Japanese bank accounts to wire payment settings form (bank branch number, bank name)

    • Translation fixes

    Booking detail

    • Receipt download button in trip detail with qrcode generation

    Profile & Profile Editor

    • Update




      for experience profiles to be stored as strings and return virtual as




      for sorting.

    • Add "No accommodation" label for experience profiles (applicable for same day experiences that don't provide accommodation). Output "no accommodation" icon in profile if set.

    • Split profile editor into partials.

    • Optimise profile title size when really long

    • Add stays dashboard link to profile editor.

    • Rename "Stays at" to "Bookable Items" across profile builder and stays dashboard.

    General Optimisations

    • Optimise language and region parameters to be set by a) cookie/query, b) accept-headers language, c) fallback to default en/international, force admin pages to english locale

    • Update momentjs package.

    • Fix bug on delete stay to show warning that the stay as pending or approved bookings.

    • Improve checkout/stay availability date settings for experiences when availability and start/end differ, fix checkout behaviour for same day experiences.

    • Various style optimisations (e.g. worktrade label on stay dashboard grid).

    • Update imgix 404 error default image

    • Add custom error flash for incorrect arguments response during login

    • Minor optimisations for populating models with user information

    • Missing strings (SSN, SIN) in payment forms

    • Remove angular-ellipsis package and revert to CSS only multi-line ellipsis

    • Add auto=compress for imgix distributed images in profiles

    • Rewire fitBounds update function to update center/experience map on search and category updates

    • Remove outdated code and partials

    • Add versioning/caching to main style file

    • Fix experience sorting in related center listing

v2.3.3 (Hotfixes) - September 20 2017

  • Various bug fixes

v2.3.2 (Admin dashboard improvements) - September 22 2017

  • Admin dashboard improvements

  • Bug fixes

v2.3.1 (Google Autocomplete Location, Team Page, Optimizations) - September 20 2017

  • Add Google Location Autocomplete to sign up and user profile forms

  • Update team page

  • Add Google Translate widget for terms and privacy pages

  • Site-wide hotfixes and optimisations

v2.3.0 (Japan Launch) - September 12 2017

  • Email translations, flash & notifications translations

  • Geo IP Locations & HTML5 Location detection

  • Map bounds on location

  • Country and date translations

  • Translation optimisations

  • Custom regional settings (cookie-based)

  • Custom regional content for Japan

  • Custom slider for Japanese Centers (based on slug)

  • Custom map bounds for Japanese region

  • Updated center / experience search sorting based on center assignment to center network for regions

  • Added region field to center network in admin panel

  • Set region based on GEO IP

  • Preferred Language for users and center managers (dropdown in user settings, center manager/host modal)

  • Set preferred language from current lang for both facilitators (on profile creation) and users (on signup)

v2.3.0-beta-2 (Hotfixes) - August 19 2017

  • Hotfix: allow payment settings for all centers or experiences if they have at least their title defined (remove approval_requested and published booleans), fix error label

  • Hotfix: set local var lang based on supported languages in language array to avoid accept-languages header issues with translations

  • Hotfix: improve list styling in profile editor views and profile views by centering bullets and bullet icons, remove justifyCenter from medium editor options

  • Hotfix: user property assignment in admin user profiles now working with correct user id

v2.3.0-beta (Express checkout, User groups, Center networks, Security updates, Documentation) - August 14 2017

  • Express checkout & booking flow improvements: allow user to login/signup through the checkout flow (Email, Facebook, Google)

    • Streamline checkout flow for paid and free items

    • Mobile optimisation for checkout experience

    • Remove requirement for reading center guidelines until the end

    • Set guest amount to 1 (one) traveller by default for accommodation and work-trade stays

  • User groups & Center networks

  • Security updates

  • Updated Documentation

  • Various Optimisations and Bug Fixes

    • Fix min stay restrictions on stays for experience profiles

    • Fix deposit method user cancellation captures (capture full deposit on user cancellation for paid stay)

    • Increase profile gallery limit to 16 photos (from 8)

    • Fix issue when experience profile was set to having a related center but no related center was selected

    • Limit LeadDyno tracking to production for all development instances

    • Reset image upload imgix objects on new uploads to remove old cropping params

    • Add noscript warning

v2.2.5 (Updated Project Documentation, Optimisations and Updates) - July 28 2017

  • Updated onboarding documentation

  • Limit affiliate tracking to production environment

  • Various optimisations and bug fixes

v2.2.4 (Additional host info in bookings, updated blog post order on homepage) - July 18 2017

  • Additional host info in booking objects

  • Update home page blog posts order to latests on top

v2.2.3 (Center/Experience Profile Image Uploader Fixes, Optimisations) - July 15 2017

  • Add validation for image uploads in profile editor (max upload size 5MB, formats JPG and PNG) with custom error flashes

  • Add timeout to click event trigger for photo uploads

  • Add delete prompt for profile images (header banner, gallery, bottom banner)

  • Increase timing for flash notification to 3 seconds

  • Lint angular client side profile editor code, add conditional to avoid client side error on file upload cancellation

v2.2.2 (Commission rates, updated 'Readme' file) - June 29 2017

  • Allow decimals in profile commission rates

  • Update readme with notes on translations and workflow

v2.2.1 (Booking list export field additions) - June 29 2017

  • Improve dataTables export list functionality for user and admin profiles booking lists by adding additional fields for CSV and Excel file exports

  • Similar profiles showing centers or experiences in the same country

  • Improve slug generation enforcing roman characters and numbers, converting ampersand, generating temporary slugs with ids

  • Allow adding payment settings and publishing stays on published = true and approval_requested = true, remove requirements for approved profiles to list paid stays, payment settings etc.

  • Rework approval process email content, add another email action "On approval requested" send info mail to center manager email

    Bug fixes

v2.1.9 (Hotfix) - June 25 2017

  • use locale best() to limit to supported languages in req.locale for payment settings controller

  • error views path, publish approval request hook

v2.1.8 (Bug fixes & Optimisations) - June 8 2017

  • Reduce email mailer chunks to groups of 10

  • Increase mission profile limit to 1000 characters

  • Added exception in checkout for worktrades on experiences to book during stay availability timeframe

  • Fix spelling in Stay Model conditional for availability checking

  • Make newsbar sitewide and add close button with cookie

v2.1.6 - v.2.1.7 (Hotfix) - June 6 2017

  • Set correct sorting object and limit experiences output in related centers to date ranges

v2.1.5 (Bug fixes & Optimisations) - June 6 2017

  • Fix showing mission more button if none set

  • Extend affiliate tracking cookie to 60 days

  • JSHint linting error fixes and clean up some old files

  • Add sorting by date to experiences output in related center profiles

v2.1.4 (Optimisations) - May 29 2017

  • Target blank links in search directories

  • Add booking count to sorting in search

v2.1.3 (Profile and Search Optimisations, Bug fixes) - May 29 2017

  • First image in the search directory profile thumbs is now the profile header banner

  • Center directory: There’s a new filter for filtering centers that have experiences, we are outputting worktrade stay amounts, paid stay amounts, the experience amount is also displayed per center

  • Experience directory: We are outputting the worktrade stay amounts, the new default filter is “Featured”, the related center name is now displayed after the date. The featured experiences need to be set in the admin.

  • For faster profile editing for admins there’s a new link to the admin profile in each profile header

  • Transactional Email updates

  • Experiences are now displayed in related center profiles

  • Meta descriptions generated for profiles (experiences and centers)

  • Refactor profile to partials and rework translation output methods for various sections

  • Improve error logging

  • Fix redirect for previous slugs in profiles, format generateSlug function

  • Avoid duplicates in previous slug saving on profiles slug generation method

  • Inline form validation for login and sign up forms (jquery validation plugin)

  • Refactory search directory default soritng using lodash _.sortByOrder with new virtual counter instances

  • Controller and model optimisations with improved methods

v2.1.2 (Bug fixes) - May 26 2017

  • Remove mailcheck and complexify

  • Increase password minimum length to 6 characters

  • Fix login cases where req.session.attemptedURL was empty or undefined or string

  • Fix verification email resend email button and view

v2.1.1 (LeadDyno Purchase Cancellation, Bug fixes) - May 17 2017

  • LeadDyno tracking improvements

  • Bug fixes

v2.1.0 (Tracking improvements, Bug fixes) - May 15 2017

  • LeadDyno and Google AdWords tracking improvements and additions

  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed the stay link to center/experience page from respective stay editor

    • Additional optimisation of stay availability validation on checkout

    • Check for experience start and end date if no availability is set on worktrade/accommodation bookings

v2.0.9 (Refactor notification status update, Admin dashboard improvements, Various bug fixes & optimisations)

  • Bug fixes

    • Avoid availability errors on stay checkout if no date restrictions are set (on accommodation and worktrade types)

    • Improve checkout date validation for experience stays without date restrictions

    • Store experience start and end dates in booking for misc stay types booked through experiences

    • Update booking / my trips listings with start and end dates for misc stay types booked on experience

    • Update package versions to avoid dependency conflicts on bower update

    • Update mixpanel tracking parameters and message to meet new platform structure for experience profiles

  • Improve center and experience profile listings in internal admin dashboard

  • Refactor notification status change controllers

  • Add and update translatable meta description for improved SEO

  • Add special server-side logging to payment settings controller

  • Update homepage image from Chile to USA

  • Twilio integration for internal 2FA usage

  • Mark all as read notifications link

  • Add flash notification on successful email verification (post signup)

  • Various style fixes

v2.0.8 (Profile manager filter in announcement notifications, bug fixes & optimizations)

  • Allow targeting only profile managers with announcement notifications

  • Improve mission description validation in profiles

  • Various style fixes

  • Fix sitemap.xml generation

v2.0.7 (Bug fixes)

  • Admin content imgix url and new modal fix

  • Experience dates UTC settings

  • Update sorting label from "Popularity" to "Trending"

v2.0.6 (Improved directory stay and booking sorting, Bug fixes)

  • Optimize homepage slider uploader behaviour and file size output

  • Clear cache on every load of payment settings client side scripts

  • Improve directory sorting (filter only live stays), add popularity sorting (booking count), make model virtuals available in the directory fields

  • Clean up center model virtuals

  • Fix translation var in pagination plugin

  • Update Trello board link to public invite link

  • Fix booking approval confirmation email for misc stay types if auto approval is false (dates undefined)

  • Bug fixes

v2.0.5 (Bug fixes and Optimizations)

  • Add file size validation to payments settings stripe photo id upload field

  • Remove character limit from getting here section in experiences profile

  • Fix counters on homepage center directory link

  • Exclude test centers from sitemap.xml

  • Fix wrong worktrade stays overlay if payment settings aren't defined

  • Small bug fixes

v2.0.4 (Sitemap fixed)

  • Fix and optimize sitemap.xml

    • Move back to controller folder

    • Add experiences profiles

    • Add missing pages (terms, privacy, etc)

  • Other fixes

v2.0.3 (Hotfixes)

  • Hotfix: enable stay modal saving if image is still uploading or not ready (add default stay image)

  • Hotfix: remove html elements from profile slug

  • Hotfix: clean Tags in profile textfield medium editor

v2.0.2 (Food option in misc stay types, Bug Fixes & Style Improvements)

  • Various style fixes in profile

  • Add missing stay column in center bookings list

  • Add experience title in booking list below stay title

  • Enable "includes food" option in misc stays

  • Reverse homepage blog posts listing to latest on top

  • Clean heading tags from medium editors in profiles

v2.0.1 (Hotfixes)

  • Hotfix: update production db name

  • Hotfix: update node-sass package

  • Hotfix: fix center booking view skill list (if multiple items float left)

v.2.0.0 (Experiences Directory & Profiles, Misc Stay Type, Admin CMS, Dynamic Profile Slugs, etc)

Experiences Profiles and Directory

  • Experiences directory w/ related center functionality

  • Dynamic slug generation on center/experience profile country, title or related center change

  • Added date range, program, highlights, getting here to experience profile

  • New admin view for experiences

Admin CMS

  • Homepage slider w/ admin content management

  • Homepage video w/ admin content management

  • Homepage email capture popup w/ admin content management

  • Site-wide announcement notifications with admin panel which show up in the notifications list and target all users

Stay Additions

  • Automatic booking approvals during stay creation (instant booking in stay modal valid for all stay types)

  • Misc stay type (for centers and experiences without any date settings)

General changes

  • Notifications migration to fit the new schemas

  • User bio and Skills in checkout and booking views (checkbox in checkout with a modal to edit the information straight there) and a new view in the center booking view

  • Mailchimp integration - Subscribes on signup and unsubscribes/subscribes in the profile settings

  • Increase expiry time to 96 hours - for all stays with approval

Payment settings

  • Improved wire payment information forms (business vs. individual accounts, custom textarea input for additional details


  • Simplified image uploader in experience and center profiles (removed cropping)

  • Stay creation client side code fully refactored (cleaner code)

  • Checkout and bookings client side code fully refactored (safer and cleaner)

  • Overall performance and markup improvement

  • Many content changes and small styles and UI improvements across the entire application

v1.2.9 (Simple referral system)

  • Track incoming referrals in collection. Current referral page param triggers/milestones:

    • Edit a center: center_edited

    • Publish a center: center_published

    • Publish a stay: stay_published

    • Receive a payment: checkout_success

    • Approve a booking: booking_approved

  • Storing milestone name, as well as bookings, centers, stays IDs in the referral collection. Also stores user ID and user email as data for later use.

v1.2.8 (Bug fixes)

  • hotfix for custom dates selection in checkout (custom dates would return an array server side and fail in the validation)

  • add server side minimum stay validation, improve datepicker on load to set minum stay day amount on first load

  • save min stay as null when modal form field is empty or isNaN

  • fix min stay edit callbacks in centers and stays dashboard

  • correct onboarding modal content, trigger if impact_worker is true OR user has started/listed a center

  • fix name submission in social signups

  • limit image size in admin stays listing (to avoid loading large file sizes)

  • add email to approval emails object, only trigger approval success email if status change is not in admin panel, clean up

v1.2.7 (Mixpanel tracking refactoring, Redirect Login/Signup Fix)

  • Fix redirects after login/signup in profiles or pages by using url stored in session or set by client in form post call

  • Refactored Mixpanel tracking to use events and custom properties, enabled various parts of the app to send data objects to Mixpanel

  • Optimise readme

v1.2.6 (Date availability range stay filtering and center created_at save fix)

  • Fix saving a worktrade on edit due to price validation failure

  • Fix conditionals to show stays in correct dates in center profile

  • Remediated remaining instances where center is selected excluding created_at and then saved

  • Fix stay checkbox filter conditionals to work with stay availability

  • Remove stay data population in user detail booking lists in admin dashboard

  • Add centers and stays dashboard to admin navigation

  • Cleaning up

  • v1.2.5 (Hotfixes)

  • hotfix: res is undefined in expireBookings

  • hotfix: track correct payment amount for deposit method bookings

  • add missing https versions to helmet scripts

  • convert all http to https in resource queues

  • clean up booking list pagination leftovers

v1.2.4 (Update to UTC timezone, various bug fixes, enable express proxy handling, nodemailer booking expiry)

  • Expire bookings without res/req using node_mailer

  • Add express trust proxy level and enforce HTTPS

    • Add env variable for timezone set to UTC

    • Updated checkout to use UTC moments

    • Updated stay modal callbacks to use UTC moments

  • Various fixes for centers and stays dashboard (delete callback progress loader, popover cleanup, stay type switching, etc)

  • Fix expiry stored refund amount if deposit method

  • Fix double submissions on worktrade bookings

  • Overall fixes

v1.2.3 (Hotfixes)

  • Fix LeadDyno Logger userObj

  • Missing linkify js on center approval views

v1.2.2 (Refactored datepicker behaviour, same day events & availability, leadDyno logger, fixes)

  • Checkout

    • cleaned up datepicker behaviour and checkout views

    • added food and guest amount to order summary

    • include missing translation strings

  • Stay modal

    • clear end date value if validation fails (mismatch), removed adding days

    • add validation error message

    • enable same day events and availability

  • Update date conditionals in views (booking lists, checkout, etc) for same day events and availability

  • Mobile optimisation

  • add LeadDyno dev tools logger for admin users

v1.2.1 (Bug fixes & Optimizations)

  • Hotfixes for stay listing, url parameter in center directory and new food field in admin

v1.2.0 (Admin Newsletter Tool, Signup Recaptcha, Admin Page Enhancements, Bug fixes)

  • In-app newsletter tool for bulk emailing different user-groups including test email functionality, email template, etc

  • Signup google recaptcha for spam signup protection

  • Optimised sorting for admin views (bookings, centers)

  • Added stay listing in admin view

  • Optimised bookings views (started refactored single page, added date to output)

  • Updated food icons SVG (for stay listings and checkout)

  • Added food icon to checkout order summary

  • Optimised booking views (center & user) using only data stored in booking (stay items can change)

  • Store booking.food_included in booking, updated in theme accordingly

  • Manual temporary redirect rules in controller function centerFuncs/redirectionRules.js

  • Set url query for stays filter in center directory ?stays=true

  • Write our user email in center contact submission (user request)

  • Style fixes

  • Bug fixes

v1.1.2 (Hotfixes)

  • Fix broken email notifications

  • Disable user cancellation purchase tracking on worktrade stays

v1.1.1 (Bug fixes & Optimizations)

  • Fix spelling in center model causing centers not to show in directory

  • Optimise centers and stays page

    • Add labels for published/unpublished/awaiting approval

    • Show stays listing if centers is either approved OR published OR already has stays

  • Cleaning up center model and controller for old pagination leftovers

  • Fix developement SSL serving causing [Error: socket hang up] code: 'ECONNRESET']

  • Overall fixes

v1.1.0 (Checkout refactored, deposit payment method, admin dashboard, tracking class, DB cleanup)

  • Created admin dashboard with payment management, with center, user and booking overviews and respective detail pages

  • Refactored checkout moving logic and validation into model

  • Convert all price units from whole numbers to cents, update views and price calculations

  • Restructured payment and booking models, overall DB clean up and consolidation for payment management and scalability:

    • Migrate booking ref on messages object to booking from bookingId

    • Move stay data onto bookings

    • remove pre-checkout bookings manually in the mongo shell

    • Migrate from booking_commission to numundo_fee on center model

    • Migrate payment data on center model from various properties into payment_strategy property

    • remove old payment properties from center model leaving only payment_strategy.

    • Migrate center user email notification options onto center model and move managerThumbnail into contact property

    • remove extra newsletter field from center & booking request field from user model under their email notification options.

    • Assign center managers to center_managers field on centers

    • Move payment_strategy.payment_info.type to live in payment_strategy.type

    • Change location & property of user.center_manager to user.profile.impact_worker

  • Moved center manager notifications

  • Renamecenter_managerboolean toimpact_worker

  • Bulk wire transfer collecting and marking as paid

  • Tracking class with LeadDyno, Analytics, Mixpanel event, people and revenue tracking

  • Overall fixes and usability improvements

  • Improved translation strings

  • Overall fixes

v1.0.3 (Social signup/signup rewrite, user about intro, tracking improvements, priority bug fixes)

  • Streamline email and social signups

  • Add about field to user profile and signup

  • Improved mixpanel tracking (track signup type in people profiles, update intersets and skills)

  • Language and translation fixes for Interests/Skills

  • Priority bug fixes

v1.0.2 (Checkout dates hotfix)

  • If availability is set from today on, add an extra day to avoid same day bookings

  • Clean up modal stay datepicker to disable today on date selection

  • Improve order summary availability display

  • Unhide clear dates button in stay modal (event type)

v1.0.1 (Stay filter hotfix)

Fixed reverseOrder for stay filters in center directory

v1.0.0 (Stay types, Multilingual translations & JS restructure enhancement)

  • Stay types

  • Multilingual translations

  • JS restructure enhancement (move from Coffeescript to JavaScript)

  • Gulp task to falls back to english translations

Note: Releases prior v1.0.0 were excluded from this list due to inconsistent change log \(>_<)/.

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