How Bookings Work

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  1. Users will send you a booking request, which you have 96 hours to respond to (unless you have chosen to have bookings auto-approve). If you allow the booking to expire or choose to reject it, the user will receive a full refund.

  2. If you choose to accept the booking, the user will be charged in full immediately.

Tickets with QR Codes

After a traveler purchases a ticket stay item, they have the option to

download a ticket with a QR code

that can be scanned upon check in. The QR code links to that traveler's booking page on the NuMundo platform, so you can check the status of their payment and reservation. This is our first experiment with allowing QR coded ticketing for events, which we plan on enhancing in the future by allowing the scan of a ticket to mark a ticket as "arrived" or "checked-in".

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